We’re still buzzing from the energy created at Social Media Camp 2017.  Members of the HeartPress team have attended the conference in previous years, but this year was different.  We were honoured to be Gold Sponsors of #SMCamp2017 to share your giving stories.

Social Media Camp 2017: We were beyond thrilled to have an opportunity to share the vision of HeartPress PR with attendees at Social Media Camp, and even more charged to hear their “Giving Stories.”  We wanted those that visited our booth to feel welcomed and to leave feeling proud about the work that they do in their community.  With that in mind, we created a memorable takeaway for attendees called the “Giving Story” video.

Each “Giving Story” introduced the person at the beginning of the video, and then went on to illustrate the various ways they contribute to society and the causes that are dear to them.  As much as we love talking about HeartPress’ mission, it was hard not to get caught up in everyone’s (AWESOME!) stories. We made over 40 videos over the course of a few days, and while there were many similar causes that people supported, each person brought their own unique way of giving to this world.

It was difficult to choose, but here are a few of our favourites from Social Media Camp:

Tammy works in marketing at Country Grocer and is passionate about community involvement.  See Tammy’ full “Giving Story” video.

Roger keeps himself busy by helping out in numerous ways in his community. Watch Roger’s full “Giving Storyvideo.

Angie is passionate about developing the economy through entrepreneurial leadership. Here’s Angie’s “Giving Story” video.

John is always going from community event to another.  John’s “Giving Storyvideo.

You can see Tess at most events supported by Chek News, but she also goes above beyond to be part of her community. Tess’ “Giving Story” video. 


 Head over to the HeartPress PR youtube channel to see the rest of the “Giving Stories.”

Want to have your “Giving Story” told by us?   Fill in our online form and we’ll happily create you your own “Giving Story” video to share.

HeartPress PR is dedicated to pairing non-profit and charity organizations with local businesses who want to get involved. We can help you identify the right non-profit partnership and the best course of action, one that will benefit both you and your non-profit partner. We know just how to expertly combine what your partner needs, and what you’re hoping to give. If you are ready to explore options for giving back, get in touch with us, and start making a difference today.