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in more ways than one

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Become A Company Known For Caring

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Philanthropy today is more than just writing a cheque.

Promote through Sponsorship

Give In-Kind Donations

Find Volunteer Activities

Offer Pro Bono Services

Empower and Retain Employees


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Employees who volunteer are some of the most engaged employees with improved communication skills, lower staff turnover and decreased absenteeism.  A standout community investment portfolio also recruits great talent and entices new customers.

With your beta account, we give you a philanthropic survey to share with staff to help determine:

What causes are they connected to?

How do they want to give

What do they find rewarding?

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Promote through Sponsorship

Engage Staff in Volunteer Activities

Give In-Kind Donations

Offer Pro Bono Services

Donate Directly

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Become a Company Known for Caring


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relationships with our 

with the current needs of non-profits.

We invest time 

So that your business is matched

believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to just "make money" and they "expect companies to positively impact society" 

(Cone Communications, 2017)

into building

non-profit partners.


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