If you’re a non-profit in BC, we know you could use more time and more resources. We get it, and we’re here to help! At HeartPress PR, we act as matchmakers for businesses and the non-profit sector. 

Call us the #BrokersOfGood. Our MatchMaking Platform (currently in beta form) is a space to showcase your organization to potential businesses who are ready to give back to a cause that aligns with their values and marketing goals.

Just Call Us Matchmakers

At HeartPress, our goal is to help business do good! To make this happen, we have created an online tool to help non-profits advertise their cause and make giving back easier for businesses. 

Our MatchMaking program is a database which showcases the profiles and opportunities of non-profits. Businesses are able to view opportunities that match the company’s request around cause, type of opportunity, time of year, number of participants etc.

Our research with companies indicates that one of the main challenges with being philanthropic is not being able to make an informed decision on who to give to. Our MatchMaking Platform is the resource that both non-profit and for-profit organizations have been waiting for! 

Hey, Non-Profits! Let’s Chat!

We want to connect you with amazing businesses that are ready to give back!

Our MatchMaking Platform creates more revenue streams for organizations outside of grants and traditional fundraising. This allows a level playing field for small non – profit organizations that are doing amazing work but don’t have the capacity to compete with the larger national charity organizations.   

We’re closing the gap between the non-profit and for-profit sectors, and we want you to join us

Intrigued? Here’s What’s Next!

First of all, we’re excited that you are interested in joining us!

We ask non-profits to complete an online profile which lets businesses get to know them and all of their amazing work. This profile also helps the team at HeartPress with our matchmakin’.The next step in building a profile is to include any available opportunities that a non-profit may have. Have a fundraiser next month and need sponsorship? Want volunteers for an annual charity marathon? Need funding for an after school program for kids? Whatever the opportunity, there are businesses that want to help you and we want to connect you with them!

Get in Touch With Us!

Let’s talk about your non-profit and how we can help you get the support that you need. At HeartPress, we want to assist you by doing what we do best: help business do good! Reach out to us for more information at 250-216-5480 or community@heartpress.ca.

Want to learn more about our MatchMaking Platform and the support we provide? Talk to the team at HeartPress PR for a free consult.