Last year on our blog, we featured female social entrepreneurs on International Women’s Day.  It was so well received that we thought we would put another list together. It wasn’t a difficult task to find women doing amazing things in this world.  These women are creating and building businesses that contribute enormously to not only a global economy but are solving real world social problems in innovative ways.

International Women’s Day 2018: #PressForProgress

Heidi Kuhn  – Roots of Peace  

In 1997 Heidi Kuhn founded Roots of Peace. The organization turns minefields into farmlands and supports the victims of landmine accidents. Roots of Peace replaces the scourge of landmines with bountiful vineyards. The farmers and families are able to return to those areas with dignity, safety empowering them to take part in the rebuilding process and move towards self-sufficiency by cultivating their fields.


Brittany Bentley – Parker Clay

Brittany Bentley had travelled with her husband and two kids to Ethiopia in 2011.  The couple ended up staying there until 2015 where they adopted two girls. Brittany was looking for a birthday gift for one of the girls, she found a beautiful leather bag made by a local woman in the area. The craftsmanship was incredible and the leather was ethically sourced. After witnessing firsthand the many young, vulnerable women and children left with few opportunities and education, Brittany and her husband decided to empower these women and founded their company Parker Clay.  The company makes craft luxury lifestyle goods with premium leather and hand-woven textiles providing premium jobs to women in Ethiopia.


Connally McDougall – Connally Mcdougall 

Based in Vancouver, B.C., Connally McDougall launched her fashion label in 2012.  Connally understands the modern consumer and her brand focuses on sustainability and ethical responsibility using zero waste production methods and sustainable fabrics.  Her label chooses quality over fast fashion and every effort is made to maintain a zero-waste initiative. Her work has been seen on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival, Fasion Weeks in London and Australia and publications such as ELLE Canada, FASHION MAGAZINE, and

Kayte Torreao da Costa  – DIVONA

One of the co-founders of DIVONA, Kayte Torreao da Costa is helping women rebuild their lives.  DIVONA is a more than just a perfume company. Their paraben, phthalate, cruelty free prefume helps women surviving abuse, recovering from trafficking and struggling with poverty.  $2 of each purchase goes towards care packages shipped to women in need.

Hannah Davis — BANGS SHOES  

Inspired by companies like TOMS and Patagonia, Hannah Davis founded BANGS Shoes, an adventure inspired footwear company making it their mission to make the world a better place.  A portion of BANGS profits help fund entrepreneurs around the world. Since 2012, the company has supported 1100 entrepreneurs in over 66 countries.

Jodie Wu – Global Cycle Solutions

After a trip in Tanzania, MIT mechanical engineer Jodie Wu was frustrated that technologies weren’t reaching the people that needed them most.  From that, Global Cycle Solutions was formed. It’s a social enterprise that develops and distributes life-changing technologies to bottom-of-the-pyramid customers.  Named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30, Jodie’s company employs over 20 tanzanians and has reached over 30,000 families.

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