On November 7, 2019, over 15 teams from the Greater Victoria community will take up their paddles and don their costumes, all to answer the question: “Who will be the first annual BattlePong champion?”

Game On!

Organized by RedBrick, BattlePong invites all businesses and employees in the Greater Victoria community to battle it out on pong tables and to cheer on their favourite teams from the sidelines. To enter, each team of three must donate $500 and each team of six must donate $1000. All of the team donations will be given to the Aga Khan Foundation’s World Partnership Walk and the VIATEC Foundation. Spectators tickets are also available for $10 and include two free drinks.



Charity partners VIATEC Foundation and the World Partnership Walk tackle a wide range of causes. The World Partnership Walk is a Canadian charity that focuses on breaking the cycle of global poverty and supporting development initiatives in Asia and Africa. The VIATEC Foundation is a local charity that’s focused on supporting food security and sustainability projects, tackling homelessness, and furthering education.

Why Ping Pong?

Neil Henderson, Manager of Rebase at RedBrick, plays a major role in organizing the event. For Henderson, BattlePong is not only about donating to charity, but also planning a welcoming social event for business leaders, employees and their guests to relax and have fun. “Redbrick just loves ping pong,” he says. “For us it’s been inclusive, no matter who you are or what role you have.”

Ogden Point, the venue of BattlePong, as seen from above

BattlePong will be hosted at Ogden Point in a 50-foot warehouse and includes a human-sized game of Jenga, several food trucks, a DJ, bar, foosball table, and of course, the six pong tables. Don’t sleep on this one – enter a team today!

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