Employees increasingly expect their company to support them in giving back to the causes they care about. So, how do companies design an employee giving program that meets strategic business goals and ensures employees are engaged? One strategy that we love is to design an Individual Employee Volunteer Program.

The most common feature of an Individual Employee Volunteer Program is paid time off for employees to volunteer. This empowers employees to pursue the causes they care about most. It’s a bottom-up approach that allows your staff to decide when, how and to whom they donate their time and services. This model is becoming increasingly popular. According to the America’s Charities Snapshot Report, 60% of companies are offering paid time off for their employees to volunteer.

Below are some examples of the best Individual Employee Volunteer Programs we’ve come across:

Keriug Canada

Keriug Canada encourages volunteering during work hours. Employees at Keriug can donate up to 52 working hours to a non-profit of their choice. In addition, Keruig matches all employee donations and sponsors trips to coffee-producing countries so that staff can learn about their product from the ground up.

PWC Canada

PWC Canada has a specific program that matches various volunteer opportunities in the community with their employees. Each employee can contribute up to 15 hours per year to volunteer with opportunities of their choice. Additionally, PWC staff offer free skill-based workshops to staff members of non-profits, social enterprises and educational institutions.  


Cadence is an American technology company based in Georgia with a giving program that’s evolved over the years. What initially started as a company-wide bowling tournament for charity, has expanded to employees using up to 40 hours of paid volunteer time to work on projects and causes that they care about.


Autodesk is an IT company based in California whose Executive Director wants to ensure that employees’ skills are optimized to enhance their local communities. The company encourages their employees to volunteer 4 hours per month on company time. For every 10 hours logged, the employee gets $100 to give to a charity of their choice. For those employees less inclined to take initiative to volunteer, Autodesk also hosts a Global Month of Impact where volunteer events are set up right in the office and employees are encouraged to participate.


WestJet is another company who’s happy to support their employees’ volunteer initiatives. They provide incentive to volunteer by offering free flights to employees who volunteer with a cause of their choice for at least 40 hours per year.


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