Empower and retain your employees

The trend towards Employee Volunteer Programs is on the rise. 

Does your company have one? 



A successful Employee Volunteer Program will  

Increase Employee Engagement

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Entice New Customers

Increase Brand Visibility

Create an Impact in Your Community

Already have one?

Research shows the uptake on Employee Volunteer Programs  can be low.  Staff are offered 2-3 paid days within a year to volunteer but many employees don’t participate.   

Our Solution? Easily find volunteer opportunities for your staff with a #BrokersOfGood account. 

#1 Determine Employee Giving Goals

#2 Search for Individual Giving Opportunities

#3 Save and Share Opportunities with Your Employees

#4 Employees Sign Up and Get Involved

#5 HeartPress Facilitates Ongoing Support Throughout

Why have an Employee Volunteer


of Canadians would choose a job that has a strong volunteer culture over one that does not.” 

Empower & Retain Employees

Employees who take part in charitable activities are some of the most engaged employees with improved communication skills, lower staff turnover and decreased absenteeism. A standout community investment portfolio also recruits great talent and entices new customers.
With your beta account, we give you a philanthropic survey to share with staff to help determine:
What causes are they connected to?
How do they want to give?
What do they find rewarding?

GIVE in more ways than one

Our Employee Volunteer Program Support feature includes our #BrokersOfGood Starter account where you can


Resources Available



Time of Year

So, what are you waiting for?