A person setting out on a bike ride to Conquer Cancer. Running a race in support of Cystic Fibrosis. A community coming together to support a newly settled refugee family. A team looking to raise money for Lawn Summer Nights. All of these have one thing in common–raising money to support a cause. With room to get creative and step away from the fundraising norm, we wanted to share some of our top fundraising ideas. Without further ado, here are some easy and profitable fundraising ideas:


Organize a Tournament

Creating a sports tournament is a fun way to get a group of people together to raise some cash. Maybe your group enjoys basketball, soccer, golf or beach volleyball. Maybe you’ll choose a non-traditional route and play an afternoon of dodgeball, ping pong, beer pong or Wii. Have several teams for a playoff style, and play short games. Charge a registration fee for each team or individual, sell refreshments and snacks, and encourage betting–all on behalf of your cause. 

baskteball fundraising ideas


Make A Wager

50/50 Raffle

With a roll of tickets and a funky sign, hold a 50/50 draw. Not the most original fundraising idea, yet with a significant audience this activity has the potential to raise a large sum of money in very little time. The other benefit, of course, is that you will have one very lucky, happy winner at the end of it all.

Office Poker Tournament

How great is your poker face? How about your coworker’s poker faces? Put them to the test with a full house, flush or four of a kind. Have an entry fee for buy-in to keep the stakes high.

Wacky Wager

How much would you pay to see your boss wear a tutu or a t-rex costume for a day? Put forward a wacky wager with some dollars and a set fundraising goal. If others chip in and that dollar goal is met, that person you set the wager on has to fulfill the wacky wager. For example: If you want to see your co-worker wear a clown costume for a week, you put a wager down and a goal of $500. If more people donate and you reach $500 in fundraising, then that person has to get their clown gear together. If you don’t make the $500, that’s ok. The money still goes to charity and that lucky person doesn’t have to wear a red nose.

Reverse Raffle

Everyone in the office gets a raffle ticket and is able to sell it back for $10 to avoid getting their name drawn to do something embarrassing. A fun twist to the raffle, you can also buy a raffle ticket for $10 to have someone else’s name on that ticket.


Throw a Party!

Everyone likes to party, so here’s an excuse to organize one as a fundraiser. Depending on the time of year and season, you can choose a theme for your bash. Will it be a Canada Day Party to rope in our 150th celebration, a Stanley Cup Party or a seasonal Office BBQ? Open up your office for an ‘Open House-raiser’ and show family, friends and clients your space. Look into getting a special occasion licence and have attendees buy drinks, sell raffle tickets, host a silent auction or host games with a small buy-in fee. Keeping people entertained while raising funds is key.

PS: Have you seen our Jur-grass-ic Park Party for Lawn Summer Nights?

party fundraising ideas


Appeal to the Sweet Tooth

Bake Sale

This is one of the first fundraising ideas that comes to mind for many of us. Put a spin on your average bake sale with a theme, or sell by donation. Host this in a public place or at the office, and let the word out over social media.

Cake Walk

This is similar to musical chairs where the last person sitting wins. In a cake walk, you buy a ticket to participate in a round to win one of the cakes bought, made or donated for the game. Participants walk (or dance!) around chairs placed in a circle while music is playing. When the music stops, all the participants try to find a chair to sit on. Anyone left without a chair is out. This repeats itself until there is only one person left playing. That winner gets to choose a cake to take home. You can have as many rounds as there are cakes. Note: You can always state at the beginning that anyone can buy back in if they get out as long as it’s not in the last round.

cake walk

Office Candy/Snack Sale

Everyone loves a treat or a small pick-me-up at some point during their day. Bring in special office treats–bonus points for homemade goodies–and sell them in the office.


Pay a Toll

Charge an Eco-fine

“What you don’t recycle says a lot about you”. For this toll-raiser, have the guilty party pay a small fine for each item they cannot or do not recycle. 

Swear Jar

You know the deal here. Each time someone swears, a witness collects a ‘fine’ for the jar. The premise is simple and can be used with other common words or phrases.


Clean Out Your Closets

Clothing Swap

This activity can be carried out without any money swapping hands at all, but another route can be to charge a cover fee. Have people bring items of clothing that they no longer use or wear, and choose new-to-you thems. The monetary fee will commonly be less than what their findings would have cost new.

Bring and Buy Sale

Similar to a clothing swap, the bring and buy sale expands to all unused items, clothes and trinkets. As they say, one’s trash is another’s treasure.


Yard Sale

It’s always a good idea to keep up with spring cleaning, you don’t need Spring to clean. When the weather’s nice out organize a yard or garage sale. Make sure to advertise where your proceeds are going–this will help with buy-in.


Don’t Fundraise

This may sound contradictory to the very topic of fundraising ideas, yet there are many ways to gather funds without a lot of fuss. These are a few ways that you can fundraise without, well fundraising.

Skip a Meal

Does your office gather regularly for a team lunch on the company dime? For your next lunch meet up, forgo eating out at a restaurant and asking employees to BYOL–bring your own lunch–for the meeting. Afterwards, reallocate the funds from the corporate meal towards your charity goal.

skip an email fundraising email

Pro-Bono Promotion

Make a special announcement to your clients that for a certain day, week or month, you’ll be using the money from specific services and giving them to a charity or cause.

The Anti-Fundraiser

How much would you pay not to go and fundraise? The Anti-Fundraiser can take many forms. From paying to not attend events or gala dinners, to challenging a rival or co-worker to an embarrassing act. It’s similar to the concept of the wacky wager, but anti-fundraisers also include daring a co-worker to do an act, only in an anti-fundraiser they can get out of it by making the donation themselves.


Which fundraising ideas are your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.