Handle your donation requests like a pro



Want to give back but are flooded with donation requests from charities?  Need help managing it all?

Our Donation Request Management Feature takes care of all of that for you.

With #BrokersOfGood you can 

Easily Direct Donation Requests from Your Website to Your Account

Save Time – All the Info You Need to Make a Decision in One Place

You’re in charge. Accept or Decline Each Request With a Simple Click

Not Just About Money. Requests for a Variety of Resources

How It Works

#1 Embed our Donation Request Button on your Website

All Donation Requests Appear on Your Dashboard

Review then Accept or Decline the Donation Request

HeartPress Manages any Declined Requests

Facilitates on-going Support with Approved Matches

GIVE in more ways than one

Our Donation Request Management feature includes our

#BrokersOfGood Starter account where you can

Donate Cash Directly

Promote through Sponsorship

Find Volunteer Activities

Give In-Kind Donations

Offer Pro-Bono Services

So, what are you waiting for?