How to Help During #COVID-19

#COVID-19 Companies Who Care

Matching your company’s available resources with the needs of the community. We’re working closely with our charity partners to help them find the resources they need. Sign up with us to register your available resources, and we’ll do our best to match you with a charity that could use your specific resources.

Remember, giving isn’t just about writing a cheque. Many organizations can use your support in the form of time (volunteer), products (in-kind gifts) and your services (pro-bono).

Want to help but don’t know how? Let’s talk! We’ll be able to offer some ideas of resources needed as inspiration for your company.

*At this time, we’re waiving any set-up fees. It’s free to sign up to #COVID-19 Companies Who Care.

A Letter From Our Founder

To the Helpers of the Business Community,

It is an understatement to say that #COVID-19 has changed us.

With collective sighs and heavy hearts, we have entered strange times my friends. None of us can walk away unaffected by this.

To help ease the uncertainty, we’ve created #COVID19 Companies Who Care, for businesses that need help finding charities to give their available resources to. Businesses register their available resources to give, and we match those companies with the needs of local charities.

But at this time of crisis, we had to ask ourselves, “Will companies give back during this time? Does the business community have the capacity to give right now?”
As many of you have witnessed over the last few weeks, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” We have seen companies and individuals, despite facing huge revenue losses, employee cutbacks, despite all of that uncertainty, still rise to the occasion to help those in need.

As our childhood friend, Mister Rogers so eloquently put it, “Look for the helpers, you will always find people helping.”

We are doing just that. We are looking for the helpers right now. We are looking for those companies and individuals that want to give back. The companies and individuals who are finding a way amidst this uncertainty to look out for others. That is who we are looking for. We’re looking for the helpers and, without a doubt, we know that they reside in our business community.

What are we asking? We are asking that if you are in the position to give — whether it be your time, products, services, or even financially, that you connect with us so that we can match you to a charitable partner that needs it the most. We’ve created  #COVID19 Companies Who Care to help. It’s for businesses that want to help but are unsure where they could be of most help. It costs you nothing to register an account with us during this time as we’re waiving any account set up fees, and we’ll be able match your resources with the organizations and people that need it the most. It’s not only what we do as #BrokersOfGood at HeartPress, but it’s also what we love to do.

For the last two weeks, our team at HeartPress #BrokersOfGood have been working with our charity partners to figure out how we, and the business community, can help their organizations and the people that they serve at this time. How we can help them varies from one organization to the next. While financial support is a need for all charities, so are the many other resources for their survival. Charities need IT expertise to support the new remote ways that organizations must deliver their programs, food and clothing donations for children and families, various specific items for sanitation and personal hygiene, pro-bono services for their scarce marketing and administrative resources. The list goes on and we continue to receive new requests daily.

On behalf of the team at HeartPress #BrokersOfGood, thank you for being one of the helpers. We need you now more than ever. #InThisTogether

With much gratitude,

Lori Muñoz Malcolm
Founder, Chief Community Strategist
HeartPress #BrokersOfGood
Helping Businesses Give Back

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