Your corporate values say a lot about your business. They direct an organization’s internal policies, guide the conduct with relationships with clients and shareholders, and drive your strategy and goals. They also help determine how, and who, your company gives back;  your corporate giving should be an extension of your core values.

Corporate Values

If you’re an employee reading this and wondering “What are my company’s core values?”  You’re not alone.  According to the Human Capital League, only 42% of employees know their organization’s vision, mission and values.  For many companies, their core values are stated on their website and in the employee handbook.  And most often times, they are forgotten by the end of the employee’s first week.

According to the Human Capital League, only 42% of employees know their organization’s vision, mission and values.

Using Your Corporate Values to Engage Employees

We often state this in posts, but we can’t stress enough the importance of engaging your employees in the decision process of your corporate giving.  If your core values do not have an active influence on your employees, you have an opportunity to change that during your decision making of the post.

Getting your staff together for a values exercise is a great first step towards determining your corporate giving. Are your corporate values resonating with your employees?  Are you integrating values into everyday activities in the workplace?

At your next staff meeting, sit down with them and ask them to fill out a values diagram.The first circle should be the values of the company (or the values they believe the company to encompass). The second circle should identify the employee’s own individual values.  The bottom area is designated for the shared values, the values that both the employee and the company have in common.

Corporate Values Exercise

Doing this exercise will help you determine how closely related your employees identify with the company’s core values.  It will also help you gather information on how your staff see the values of the company.   

Why Knowing is Important

Once you have assessed the shared values within the company, use those values to help determine who to partner with.  Is your team looking for partnerships and opportunities that include adventure? sustainability? fun? education? innovation?  Many non-profit organizations also have a list of their values.  When it comes to decision making time, pay close attention to a charity’s mission, vision and values.  Side by side, yours and your non-profit partner should be working together in like values and goals.


HeartPress PR can help you create a corporate giving match based on the values and goals of your company that engages staff, clients and your stakeholders.