Dads are the best, and this Father’s Day we want to help you show them how much you love them! There’s no better way to celebrate your main man than to give him a gift that gives to others.

Check out these charitable gift ideas to give your dad on June 17th! 

1. For the Flip-flop-Wearing Dad | Combat Flip Flops

Let’s be real, what dad doesn’t love a good pair of flip-flops? Gift some summer sandals, and  fund a day of education for an Afghan woman and support a veteran-owned business. For more information, click here.

2. For the Cocktail-Loving Dad | UNIFEC Market Copper Mugs

These mugs are perfect for your dad’s Moscow Mule, or just to keep his drink extra cold this summer. This purchase can provide 43 packets of lifesaving nourishment to children suffering from acute malnutrition. For more information, click here.

3. For the Handy-Man Dad | Water Aid’s Shop For Life Tool Kit

Facts: Dads love tools, and ensuring communities have ongoing access to precious clean water is of utmost importance. These tool kits help maintain taps and pumps in ten villages to make sure the water keeps flowing. For more information, click here.

4. For the Trendy Dad | Gifts for Good Leather Briefcase

A great gift for men of all ages, this premium leather briefcase will have your dad looking effortlessly put-together. With the purchase of this bag, you will be providing 7 days of schooling for a child in Honduras. For more information, click here.

5. For the Sports Fanatic Dad | Unicef Sports Pack

We all know (and have heard) the sports dad. This Sports Pack provides skipping ropes and sports balls to play basketball, volleyball and soccer, to let kids be kids. Play is essential for every child. It fuels imaginations, teaches teamwork, and heals the effects of trauma. For more information, click here.

6. For the Outdoorsy Dad | Waka Waka Solar Products

A dad in the wilderness is a happy man! Consider these premium solar products for all outdoor enthusiasts: light, powerbanks and accessories. With every purchase you help those without reliable access to light and energy. For more information, click here.

7. For the Artistic Dad | World Vision Art Supplies

We know the creative dad will love this one! Music and art provide creative pathways to self-expression and an escape from difficult circumstances. This gift helps provide musical instruments, supplies and music and art instruction — which can be life-changing for impoverished children. For more information, click here.

8. For the Do-Good Dad | APOPO Rat Adoption

Dads just want to do good! The APOPO scent detection rats help to rid the world of landmines and tuberculosis – returning safe land back to communities for development, and freeing people from serious illness so they can get back on their feet. Adopting a rat for your dad can help save lives. For more information, click here.

9. For the Coffee-Drinking Dad | Three Avocados Coffee

A morning cup of joe for your pops! 100% of Three Avocados’ net proceeds provide clean drinking water throughout the world. Their motto is simple: drink coffee and give life! So drink up to help others! For more information, click here.


Want to give back to organizations “doing good” in your community?  

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