Sierra Club BC

Sierra Club of BC Foundation


Sierra Club BC inspires generations to confront climate change so that humans and the natural world can prosper together.

1. Environmental Advocacy

Our vision is an ecologically sustainable province, which integrates human and economic activity, while conserving the province’s wilderness and biodiversity values.

Sierra Club BC’s mission is to protect, conserve, and educate the public about B.C.’s wilderness, species and ecosystems – within the urgent context of climate change impacts.

  • Community
  • Education
  • Global Mindset
  • Learning
  • Resiliency

  • Environmental
  • Animal Rights
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Ocean Sustainability
  • Agriculture

All British Columbians

5,000 students + tens of thousands of members + the general public



Eagle Wing Tours, Horne Coupar, Patagonia, MEC, Outershores, Ionica, Comalatech

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