As BC's largest nonpartisan citizen action network, we bring together British Columbians to reclaim power over our environment and democracy.

1. Named after B.C.’s provincial flower, Dogwood is a people-powered organization driven by a shared love of place. We bring together people to work on the urgent challenges facing our home.
2. We take great teams of super-talented people based in communities throughout engage British Columbians in the decisions that affect them most and create real leverage for a more just, equitable, sustainable and democratic future.
3. It starts with a single conversation. Friends and neighbours, working together. Over time, our campaigns focus the power of organized people to create tipping points for political change. If you want to make a difference in B.C., Dogwood is here for you.

A shared homeland that is just, equitable and sustainable. A place where local people have true sovereignty over their lands and resources.

Dogwood brings together British Columbians to take back decision-making power over the air, land and water they depend on. We empower ordinary people to safeguard their communities for generations to come.

  • Community
  • Empowerment
  • Resiliency
  • Environmental

British Columbians who are passionate in deciding their own future.

British Columbia