Check Your Head

Check Your Head: the Youth Global Education Network


We provide education, resources, training and support for youth to live as engaged, independent and active citizens within our local and global communities.

1. Our work fostering youth activism is unique and is recognized internationally; in the past two decades we've made a huge impact in the local community and beyond.
2. Our main activities include workshops, training, supporting youth-led actions, and engaging youth volunteers.
3. As our collective reality keeps changing, we are continuing to adapt, innovate and come up with programming relevant to the needs and interests of young people.

Youth are leading and active in social, economic and environmental justice movements.

Our mission is to educate, activate, and empower young people to engage in social, environmental and economic justice movements and to create a more equitable, democratic and sustainable future.

  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Integrity
  • Learning
  • Support

  • Children and Youth
  • Family and Community
  • Food Security and Sustainability
  • Human Rights

Diverse youth ages 15-30




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