Be the Change Earth Alliance

Be The Change Earth Alliance


Be The Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) is a Canadian charitable organization that empowers behavioural and systemic change toward global sustainability through education. Founded in 2005, we support environmental, social, and personal behavior changes in schools and communities through innovative sustainability education and citizen engagement programs. We empower people of all ages to support and inspire one another in adopting sustainable lifestyles and creating healthy, thriving communities.

1. Be The Change Earth Alliance provides leading-edge educational materials for grades 6 – 12 called “SLC: Student Leadership for Change”. SLC empowers students to engage with real-world issues in a way that develops critical thinking, problem-solving, team building and communication skills – preparing leaders of the future to grapple with 21st century challenges and opportunities. SLC has been used by over 400 teachers to engage over 22,000 students to take over 105,000 change actions resulting in diverting over 700 tonnes of C02 equivalent emissions from entering the atmosphere. With your financial support BTCEA will provide the SLC learning resources for FREE to all teachers and students, to get these ‘hope in action’ resources out to more youth.

2. BTCEA administration is below 10% of annual budget, focusing over 90% of resources towards program development and delivery! Additionally, BTCEA strategically leverages relationships and resources for systemic change by teaching the teachers. Working collaboratively with BC school districts, UBC and SFU, BTCEA provides Professional Development workshops to teachers (and teachers in training) to support their delivery of ‘authentic learning’ programs focused on socio-ecological issues. Be the Change is contributing to a shift in the education system by supporting critical and creative learning and other leadership skills that empower youth to engage in positive change.

3. Maureen Jack-LaCroix, the founder of Be The Change Earth Alliance, had a flourishing career as a social entrepreneur before devoting herself to global sustainability - and she brings all that drive and business acumen to ensure that Be The Change is the most productive and resourceful charity ever! Maureen completed a Masters in Eco-Psychology to ensure that the outstanding educational programs that Be The Change offers reflect a deep understanding of human psyche and inspire participants with an intrinsic motivation to create change. After working in community and with the public school-system for 15 years, Maureen is currently completing her PhD in Environmental Education and Social Innovation – an indication of her tireless dedication to empowering youth and adults to ‘shift the system’ by living their values and claiming their personal power.

Be the Change Earth Alliance is a Vancouver-based charitable organization that empowers individual and collective change for a resilient, just, connected, and sustainable world.

We create new and innovative space for holistic sustainability learning in the education system through:

a. developing and delivering school programs & resources for educators, learners, and partners
b. fostering a community of leaders through capacity building and tools to support change

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“Be The Change is providing the resources for what educators desire to teach and students want to learn, empowering everyone to make it happen…SLS engages and inspires the students to reflect on their impact on the environment and how they can make a difference. My students loved it.”

– Denise North, Teacher/Librarian, Killarney Secondary

“This project has had a surprisingly big impact on me, reminding us of our world’s problems so many have turned a blind eye towards. I have started becoming more mindful of the energy and items we waste/recycle in my household. Of course, I knew of this dilemma earlier, but it never quite sunk in that Climate change is real, It’s happening and I can make a difference.”

– Student

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