The results of employee volunteer programs benefit everyone involved. Employees feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments, and appreciation to their coworkers and the company for facilitating their achievements.


Studies have shown that employee supported volunteer programs helps to obtain the loyalty and respect of your employees, which translates to improved work ethic and job satisfaction, and less turnover. And, of course, the non-profits and charities you support gain the aid of passionate and supported volunteers. 

Canadians are looking to their employer to help them volunteer: 60 percent of Canadians would volunteer more if it was organized by an employer.


Employee Volunteer Programs from the Big Guys (in Canada)

Large corporations have known for years that employee volunteer programs are a must-have. The following companies have established strong volunteer programs, alongside their corporate social responsibility strategies, and illustrate some of Canada’s business sector’s dedication to a well-rounded and socially conscious enterprise.


The Home Depot Canada
Team Depot Employee Volunteer Programs

Team Depot inspiring communities

Through their associate-led volunteer program “Team Depot”, Home Depot inspires their employees to undertake leadership within their communities. Over the year, workers donate more than 60,000 hours of volunteer work to a wide variety of community projects, and Team Depot captains are recognized for going above and beyond. Just this year, a captain in a nearby Saanich store received the district’s Building Community Award for his work in organizing more than 50 volunteers across B.C., who worked together to paint a home for at-risk youth.


Keurig Canada

At Keurig, the Community Action for Employees Program (“CAFÉ” – how apropos!) works to promote involvement within their workforce by encouraging volunteering during work hours. Each employee can donate up to 52 work hours a year to a non-profit organization of their choosing, for which they are fully reimbursed.

Keurig Canada gives employees up to 52 works hours a year to a non profit of their choice!

Keurig also matches employee donations and sponsors trips to coffee-producing countries so their workers can learn more about the regions and methods that produce their livelihood.


PwC Canada
PwC Employee Volunteer Programs

PwC Employees come together

The Team Volunteering Program offered by PricewaterhouseCoopers ensures every employee enjoys a day away from the office each year, where they participate in a volunteer event in their community. Running for almost 15 years, this program has overseen more than 1,300 volunteer days across its Canada-wide offices, with more than 70,000 volunteer hours.

PwC Canada also organizes the Not-for-Profit Apprentice Program, which pairs charities and non-profits with the perfect employee to assist with brainstorming or creative thinking projects. Often, initiating these connections leads employees to seek out personal volunteer opportunities to continue their positive impact.



This international firm has personally delved into the results of workplace volunteerism, uncovering the vital role such participation appears to play in the development of leadership skills and workplace morale.

Employee volunteer programs can be used as a vehicle for leadership training.

In the past four years, Deloitte’s extensive pro bono program has seen a donation of employee services totaling more than 340,000 billable hours. The company is dedicated to equal treatment of their paying and pro bono clients.

In addition to year-round volunteerism, the company also holds the annual Impact Day, which celebrates the difference volunteering makes. On this day, thousands of employees get together to do good through community projects like Random Act of Kindness Day and the United Way.


Starbucks Canada

Starbucks Canada has been involved with non-profit organizations for years, and always encourages their employees to reach out in their communities. During the annual Global Month of Service in April, employees organize community service projects throughout their neighbourhoods. The accomplishments from the 2011 Global Month of Service are shared on the company’s website: almost 60,000 staff members around the world were involved in more than 1,400 projects. In that month alone, Starbucks employees put in more than 150,000 volunteer hours.


Investors Group

At Investors Group, they keep their volunteer program nice and simple. Their employees, alumni, and immediate families are encouraged to donate their time to charities and non-profits close to their hearts; in return, Investors Group makes donations to these charities.

Create a community – Invite company alumni and immediate families to participate.

The company also runs a Community Impact Program, which recognizes the efforts of individual employees through Community Impact Stories that share the good works carried out by both the employee and their chosen charity.


TD Bank
TD Volunteer Network Employee Volunteer Programs

The TD Volunteer Network in action

The TD Volunteer Network (TDVN) is an online database maintained by TD Bank, which allows charities and non-profits across the continent to share volunteer opportunities with local TD Bank employees. TDVN is available to all employees, who are encouraged to track their volunteer hours; after 40 hours, the employee earns a donation of $500 for that organization.


Cenovus Energy

Cenovus Energy matches charitable donations made by their workers, and offers grants to the organizations at which their employees – and their employees’ families – volunteer. Additional opportunities arranged by the company encourage team building among staff.



Royal Bank of Canada extends their Employee Volunteer Program Grant to all members of their national community, including retirees. In 2016, the company developed a community involvement platform that helps staff keep track of their volunteer hours and charitable donations, making it easy for the volunteer grants to be distributed to non-profits supported by the employees.



The airline is known for their heartwarming Christmas gift-giving campaigns, but “WestJetters” do good throughout the year. All throughout Canada, employees donate time to organizations about which they’re passionate, and WestJet encourages this community participation by offering free flights to employees who donate 40 volunteer hours a year!


When you decide to begin an employee volunteer programs, you’re joining the ranks of Canadian companies in all sectors, who are dedicated to giving back and experiencing the good karma that comes with it.

Ready to start your own employee volunteer program? Reach out to the team at HeartPress PR who can help set your company up for success to start doing good!


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